Tackling the Most Commonly Asked Questions.



What’s your business philosophy?

Nick: We believe that if we continue to grow our knowledge base and expand our talents that we’ll attract the clients that can put those skills to the best use. We are honest working craftsmen that enjoy working with like-minded individuals in an effort to create magical experiences for the end-user.

What’s your creative philosophy?

Nick: We are interested in creating emotionally engaging, and concept driven work. I want people to experience an emotion when they interact with something we’ve created. Whether that makes them happy, makes them think, brings them joy or inspires them - the goal is to create functional work that makes people act.

What projects do you love working on?

Erick: We love projects that challenge our creative and development abilities. Any opportunity to push the limits of what we already know excites us. All businesses are the same when you boil it down - they are each trying to tell their story to an audience. We only work on projects that interest us and we know our team will love.

Why do you prefer WordPress?

Erick: We have been building on WordPress for a decade, and have been teaching WordPress to the development community for almost the same length of time. WordPress is usually the best option for clients that need a powerful, editable and scalable web solution. We strip WordPress to the bones and custom build every project using our frameworks - it allows us the flexibility to offer clients the most bang for their buck.

Do you train businesses on social & digital strategies?

Nick: We do. We have been doing a lot of consulting work the last year or so - mainly focusing on how businesses can take advantage of digital with the teams that already have in place. It can be a difficult sea to navigate, but it starts with pointing the ship in the right direction.

How much has business changed in the last decade?

Nick: Business hasn’t changed in the sense that consumers still by products and need services - what has changed is how businesses get the attention of the customer. If you’re businesses is not focused on what the customer is doing you have no shot.

What’s the best part about being a small agency?

Erick: We are not financially dependent on our clients, we are able to pursue the projects we want and the businesses that we want to work with. We don’t get bored with work and every team member is involved throughout the process. Very few meetings is also a major bonus.

What type of work do you do?

Erick: Almost anything that smells digital. Our team works with companies and organizations to help make their businesses shine online. We offer a whole host of services - from website development to managing Kickstarter Campaigns to Amazon product listings.

Advice for businesses?

Nick: Keep getting better. If you’re not trying to find the best ways to reach your customers you’re going to go out of business. With the tools available today every business should be trying to find out exactly why they have the customers they do - and how they can engage with them. Data is something that most businesses don’t pay attention to - and it’s costing them.